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Invitation for Negotiated Procurement of Three (3) Units Brand New Motor Vehicles

                                                                                        Republic of the Philippines

                                                                          SOUTHERN LEYTE STATE UNIVERSITY

                                                                                           Sogod, Southern Leyte

                                                                                                (053) 382-3197

                                                                       Telefax: (053) 382-3294; www.slsuonline.edu.ph

1. In view of the two (2) failed public biddings, Southern Leyte State University  is inviting prospective bidders to participate in the negotiation for the Procurement of Three (3) Units Brand New Motor Vehicles with a total approved budget of the contract (ABC) of Three Million Nine Hundred Forty Five Thousand  Pesos (₱3,945,000.00).  Bids received in excess of the ABC shall be automatically rejected at bid opening.

For more details on this project, please refer to attached Schedule of Requirements (Annex A) and Technical Specifications (Annex B).

2. The following eligibility and technical documents as well as the financial proposal form (Annex C) shall be submitted on or before June 27, 2017 at 7:00 – 12:00 noon at the BAC Office, Administration Building, Southern Leyte State University-Main Campus, Sogod, Southern Leyte:

a) SEC/DTI Registration Certificate;

b) Valid & Current Mayor’s Permit;

c) Valid Tax Clearance

d) Statement of all ongoing government and private contracts within the year 2015 to present, prior to the deadline for the submission of receipt of bid, including contracts awarded but not yet started, if any, and;

e) Statement identifying the bidder’s single largest completed contract to be bid contracts within the year 2015 to present except under conditions provided for in Sec. of IRR;

f) Bid Security issued in favor of SLSU in the following form and amount:

Form of Bid Security      Amount of Bid Security

(Equal to Percentage of the ABC)

(a) Cash or cashier’s/manager’s check issued by a Universal or Commercial Bank.

(b) Bank daft/guarantee or irrevocable letter of credit issued by a Universal or Commercial Bank:  Two Percent (2%)

Provided, however, that it shall be confirmed or authenticated by a Universal or Commercial bank, if issued by a foreign bank.

(c) Surety bond callable upon demand issued by a surety or insurance company duly certified by the Insurance Commission as authorized to issue such security: Five Percent (5%)

(d) Any combination of the foregoing: Proportionate to share of form with respect to total amount of security

(e) Bid Securing Declaration: Using the form prescribed in Annex E

g) Audited Financial Statement for the year 2015

h) Compliance with the Schedule of Requirements Section VI;

i) Compliance with the Technical Specifications Section VII;

j) Omnibus Sworn Statement;

k) Authority of the Signatory; and 

l) Certification of PhilGEPS Registration.

3. Opening of the eligibility documents, technical documents and financial proposal will be on June 27, 2017 at 1:30 in the afternoon.

4. The Southern Leyte State University reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, to annul the bidding process, and to reject all bids at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected firms. 

5. For further information, please refer to:

Ma. Delia Ong-Manca / Nestnie D. Honrada

BAC Secretariat

Southern Leyte State University-Main Campus

Sogod, Southern Leyte

Telephone  (053) 382-3197


Chair, Bids and Awards Committee



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